Sunday, August 7, 2011

Having dinner

At Downtown Disney with the kids and parents for dinner.

Made it home...almost

Back to the kids at least

Home sweet home

Back at Frog Creek and Christina is on her way home to her kids. It was a blast and we're sad to see it end.

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Back to Frog Creek

Back, disconnected and getting setup.

So close

Almost back to Frog Creek. Already passed I4. Jerry and I will be heading back the other way shortly. Can't wait to see my munckins!

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Up and at 'em

Ninja is ready to go. Actually he just wants to know why everyone left him alone in the RV and what are those two crazy people doing to my home today.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

There we are

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Home for night

So if you stood at the FL/GA border looking south and threw rock, like a girl, that's how far we made it into FL. It was a long 8 hours with some unnerving discoveries but we're only 4 hours from home. We were going to try for the gold but I'm tired and we decided to stop. It's for the better.

Home tomorrow.

Our location@8:50pm,8/6

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Made it to GA already but we have a long way till FL.

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Goodbye Pines RV Park

On the road again. Planning to stop somewhere in GA for the night.

Getting dirt

Heading to get some dirt for the kids before we start our trip home. I think I've been outdoors a bit too long when I've decided dirt is a great gift. Hopefully there will be neat gems in it though.

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We had a blast

We start our long trip home in the morning. There's still a bit more to come but I would like to thank all our viewers. Especially those who followed and even more to those who commented. Mr. Waldman, my mother, father and brother, you guys are the best. To all those who are just watched quietly, why not introduce yourselves now. We'd appreciate it.

Matt, Christina and Ninja

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Rathskeller last night

They don't sell pink truck by the glass so Matt got me a bottle to try later. Too bad, I really wanted to try the white and green truck too.

We're pretending

That's its not our last night here. That's why we look so happy. :)

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Dinner tonight

Hope she can cook!

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