Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something we saw today

Here's a nice picture I took early on int the day. We had just started up the mountain and were looking for waterfalls. I snuck 20ft down a steep river bank to perch perilously on a small slippery rock for this one. It's sort of serene.

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Dinner was awesome

And they serve my favorite cerveza!

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Water fall

You can swim in this one. We're gonna have to come back here to try it out.

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First hike

Just got done hiking 4 or so miles to an elevation of 4930ft. Also, it was raining. More picks later

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying Rathskellers

There she is. Furiously choking down a crappy glass of wine so she can try the one called Pink Truck she just discovered they have here. Oh and our ukulele duet in back ground. I wonder if they know cowboy song from Joe vs the Volcano.

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German coffee house and pub

It's in a back ally, well sort of. And they have live ukulele music!!!

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Ok, it was good

But if there was a line out the door.... I'd go some where else.

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So far its a pulled pork sandwich and the fries are good.

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They said there be a line out the door

We walked right in. It is full though. Now I just hope it's as good as we were told....

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So we stopped here

It's a terrible pic. I had just overheated the transmission and luckily found this spot 100yrds from the top of the hill. Oops.

After letting it cool down while we sat in the air conditioning (generators are awesome) we made it the rest of the way just fine. Of course we had turned off overdrive and really burned some fuel for those last 90 miles or so.

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We made it and are now all setup

My Location@5:18pm,7/30
4724 Murphy Rd, Nantahala National Forest, Franklin, NC 28734

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Made it

Made it to the RV park. Taking a tour to figure where we want to park the home.

Almost there

Made it to NC

Pretty Views


We are in Athens, GA in what is apparently a college area and bicyclist own the road.

Dog Houses

They have dog houses out here. I haven't seen one of those in a long time. I think Ninja needs a dog RV.

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Still in on piece. The campground was a nice and quiet place to stay. Except for the bats at night and rooster this morning. Ninja's way to excited today as well, I don't think he slept much last nice.

So girls walking him around the lake and I'm prepping the RV for another day on the road.

Also, got to check fuel mileage yesterday ..... 5.9 mpg

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Woot woot

3 points on foursquare for 332 miles since my last chech in!

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Busy day

Been on the road since 2:45. Now parked and relaxing a bit before sleep. Exciting times though. A gas fill up, a scary stop at a walmart, a surprisingly unhelpful stop a church camp we thought was a campground and almost hit the cutest little deer. Taking 441 instead of I-75 was a good choice.

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Piney Woods Lake Campground

Found a great place to crash for the night. $10 includes electric and water, plus a dump site. The owners are the nicest old couple.

Piney Woods Lake Campground
1 (478) 463-3301
3227 Piney Woods Lake Road, Glenwood, GA 30428-2208

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Made it to GA

Missed the pic of the sign at the border but we are officially in Georgia!

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Change in route

Per a suggestion by one of Matt's friendly neighbors we will be taking the scenic tour up 441.

Finally on the road

At least he can relax.....

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ready to go?

He has no idea what he's in for. Lol

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The big day is almost upon us

Here we are. Less then three hours from D-day. 15 hours till go time. So excited, so exhausted. Can't wait :)

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The big day is almost upon us

Here we are. Less then three hours from D-day. 15 hours till go time. So excited, so exhausted. Can't wait :)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rig

RV, Jeep and the moto. All hooked up and still in one piece after a 1.5 hour test drive. Awesome!

The Gas Bill

The pump shut me off twice so it took three tries to get it full. For those of you counting those total to 60.4 gallons and $214.46 and that should get us close Atlanta GA. Probably gonna do this three more times before it's safely parked at Frog Creek again.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Packing

Ugh... I don't enjoy the packing. They say girls are bad but Matt is bringing his entire house! Have to admit I am a bit jealous.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Still here, two weeks to go

My Location@11:15pm,7/15 Palm St, Palmetto, FL 34221

The Word

So those are the "hard parts". We'll be going to Deals Gap, then doing some white water rafting and some ziplining. Between those we'll be hiking, a lot, and checking out the local nightlife. There will also be a brewery or two and some wineries.  Jealous yet? Well, you should be. :)

The Moto

It's way more awesome then you're capable of fathoming.

The Jeep

It was cheap but it's awesome

The RV

I stole it, sorta, but legally so I can't go to jail for it. 

The Girl

So pretty!

She's just awesome!

The Boy

Also very handsome!

They should have sent a poet.....

The Dog

So handsome!

He can be pretty stupid

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Days till out trip

At this point, in 14 days we'll be on the road to NC. The tickers we've made have all failed. Just be jealous of us.

And DON'T use this URL for tickers, it's all fail;

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First post

She wasn't any help in naming or creating this so I made fun of her. Enjoy! =)